Music in the Making


Music in the Making

My name is Rachel and I love music and all of  its forms ( that excludes Rap because it is NOT MUSIC) I also love animals and I plan to be a Vet or Vet tech when I am in college. I am almost 14 come June and I am going to Europe this summer with a group called Project String Power, it  teaches adults and kids how to play violin, viola,( that is what i play) cello, bass, guitar, harp, and  orchestra musical instruments and music.

 Music of any kind

   More than anything earthly I love music!! I want to give everyone a feeling that music is powerful and when used can change peoples lives!!!!  My band is composed of my parents, sister, and best friend. We are called In the Arms of Angels currently but we are thinking of a different name.

Music in the Family

     My dad actually makes violins and guitars. My sister plays the violin and I play the piano,viola, guitar, and soon to be played bass. My mom has a natural ability to harmonize. Music is a huge part in our lives and I feel at peace with the world and God when I am moved by music.